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Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Try (Free + Paid)

How often do you log on to Facebook right after uploading your profile picture? Even the most pragmatic among us cannot deny the guilty pleasure we get at knowing our posts have found more Likes, reacts or Double-Taps on social media. From huge billboards for video sharing platforms to social share options for every blog post on the Internet, there are no escaping social media in 2019.

As a new-age marketer, you must match strides with the changing times. Social media remains the top favorite among digital marketers. It presents the unique opportunity of getting to know the buyer up, close and personal. And every modern-day marketer worth their annual reports would know that in business lingo, interactions spell revenue.

customer service on social is importantSocial media reigns supreme among all marketing strategies this year, as studies show. Read this post to find the 10 best tools you can use to amp up your social media marketing game like a pro. Go through the following, see what works for you, and implement the same for a roaring business year ahead.


10 social media marketing tools you must have in 2019:


BuzzSumo is quite a popular name among leading social media marketing tools available online. It’s just as helpful for marketers as for upcoming bloggers. From suggesting blog topics to collating trending posts in one place, BuzzSumo does it all with ease. You would not have to trudge through tonnes of data when you have BuzzSumo by your side.

Here are the fab features that BuzzSumo offers:

  • In-depth analytics to measure what works on social media
  • Search options by topic or trending hashtags
  • Sorting content and social media posts in the order of engagement rates

Price: Starts at $79 per month


If you have multiple social media accounts, Buffer can be just the solution for you. It allows businesses to queue posts and schedule them as per the social media platforms. If you run a paper help company and want to post a blog on study tips while sharing an infographic on Facebook, Buffer will get it done for you.

Here are the fab features you can get with Buffer:

  • Enables you to work on third-party extensions on top of regular social media platforms
  • Has photo editing and design tools to customize posts
  • Schedules posts as per social media platform
  • Provides detailed analytics reports and social media performance reports

Price: Starts at $99 per month


Major industry influencers and big brands like Sprint and McDonald’s use SocialDrift. If your social media marketing campaign centers around Instagram, then this is just the tool for you. It enables you to automate interactions on Insta, bringing hordes of followers your way.

Here are the fab features that you get with SocialDrift:

  • Engagement enhancement factors with customized interactions
  • Automated likes, comments, and follows ensure maximum engagement
  • Machine learning patterns to monitor and implement user data

Price: Starts at $39 per month


Canva has long been that handy tool for marketers who like to dabble in design. Aesthetics of top order, customized layout, design options, and high-res images are just some of the perks that Canva can get you. You can face those crucial meetings with the creative department with a much more confident approach. Canva sees to it that your brand gets just the right kind of design, display, and graphics needed to ensure maximum brand visibility.

Here’s what you can get with Canva:

  • A host of design tools to play around with custom designs
  • Tutorials and templates that make it even easier
  • Unlimited access to branding, personalizing and styling options onboard

Price: Starts at $12.95 per month


Oktopost, arguably, reigns supreme among all third-party apps to boost social media metrics. It allows B2B businesses to monitor, manage and measure their social media activities effectively. From content curation to scheduling features, Oktopost offers it all in a bundle. It is performance-oriented, so measurement metrics at Oktopost is pretty reliable.

Here are the fab features that Oktopost can bring to your social media marketing practices.

  • Caters specifically to B2B marketers
  • Provides detailed analytics reports and tracks conversations on social media
  • Helps in content curation and engagement metrics with customized content curation feature

Price: Approximately $499 per month for advanced features


If you want to see all relevant updates and data measurement factors for social media platforms in one place, go the Tagboard way. It brings together a host of real-time data collected from social media. What’s more, you can customize the data for embedding in other platforms as well.

Here are the fab features that Tagboard has to offer to modern-day marketers:

  • Live tool to track all your social media posts
  • Display and layout customization for every social media post
  • Social media advertising features
  • Notifications in real-time
  • Integrating social media and measurement metrics

Price: Starts at $199 per month


Visual marketers who use Instagram for most of their social media posts use tailwind to streamline their posts. Tailwind lets you find engaging content, time your posts, keep a tab on conversations happening online, and enhances search capabilities, among other things.

Here are a few fab features of Tailwind:

  • Measures social media posts on relevance and engagement factors
  • Helps further your outreach by curating customized hashtags for Instagram
  • Enables adding shortcuts and bringing out hashtag lists according to topic

Price: $9.99 for small businesses (i.e. less than 25 employees) and $799.99 per month for big brands and agencies

Meet Edgar

Bloggers, small business owners, and influencers swear by the awesome scheduling features at Meet Edgar. It envisions a simpler time when you could get more done in less time. Meet Edger brings a brilliant social media marketing post scheduling feature. It goes hand-in-hand with any busy workday for modern marketers. And that’s what makes it so special.

Check out the fab features of Meet Edgar:

  • Lets you organize and schedule your posts by category
  • Auto-recycle feature for older posts
  • Browser extension available, so you can keep it handy at all times
  • Allows multiple edits to posts before uploads, and reviews each of them at regular intervals

Price: Starts at $49 per month


In the age of visual marketing where images get you more clicks and more engagement rates, Unsplash can be your go-to app. Sorting out all things visual in style, Unsplash is creating quite a splash among modern-day social media marketers. It has a vast database of high-res, royalty-free images that lets you stylise your posts without worrying about copyright issues.

Here are the fab features that Unsplash offers for marketers:

  • Watermark-free images catering to all your content needs
  • Search engine and browse features to explore custom collections
  • Create, design, store and download your own collection

Price: Free


At first glance, Agorapulse may seem like a feature-heavy social media marketing management app. But it does have plenty to offer in terms of increasing efficiency for your social media marketing campaigns. Enabling you to create data-driven analytics reports and message tracking, Agorapulse can be a modern marketer’s BFF.

Here are the fab features you can get with Agorapulse:

  • Personalization features for every social media platform
  • Enables you to schedule your social media posts, along with rescheduling options
  • Monitor social media conversations in one place, and respond to them accordingly

Price: Starts at $49 per month

Parting words

As you go about discovering the many resources that a meticulous search on Google can get you, read this post to find out the types of tools you need. For example, a fashion brand will need a host of Instagram-dependent tools. On the other hand, a digital marketing company would do well to have loads of measurement tools to serve their customers better. No matter the specific need for your business, there’s a social media management tool for that. Get a heads-up on the many kinds of social media management tools available online to streamline your search.

Here’s wishing your business a great social media marketing year in 2019. Good luck!

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