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Instagram Tips and Tricks – How to Increase Visibility

Even though Instagram has been around for just seven years, it has transformed itself from a simple smartphone app to a vibrant social network with an active base of more than 700 million.

While the recent announcement of Instagram that posts will no longer be displayed chronologically has meant a lot of difference to the way Instagram is used, there are also a number of other tweaks made by the app that will allow you to leverage its potential to the maximum.

Some secrets unveiled: Instagram tips and tricks

One Post – Multiple Photos and Videos - instagram tips and tricks

One Post – Multiple Photos and Videos

When you click numerous photos, taking the decision regarding which one to post can be tough; but now Instagram has made it easy for users to upload multiple photos and even videos in a single post.

The recent update makes it possible for users to publish a maximum of 10 images or videos at a time.

All you need to do is to tap on the button ‘Select Multiple’ that can be found close to the bottom of the photo that you have already selected to choose multiple items.

Instagram Tips and Tricks – How to Increase Visibility

Existing Post – Additional Information

It often happens that in your excitement to share a photo that you thought was particularly spectacular, you may have posted it but forgotten to add a description or a hashtag or even to tag a friend.

Earlier, you had no opportunity to rectify your mistake, however, now Instagram has made it possible. Just by tapping the three dots that appear above your post, and choosing the ‘Edit’ option, you will be able to accomplish whatever you had forgotten.

You, however, are not allowed to replace the photo that you have earlier posted.

Post Images and Videos That Disappear

Inspired by Snapchat – Social media platform, Instagram has made it possible for users to post images and videos that automatically vanish once they have been viewed by the recipients.

These posts are restricted to only your followers for Instagram or those who have opted to receive private messages from you. The trick is executed by clicking a photo with the camera function of Instagram and then tapping the arrow icon that is located in the screen’s corner on the lower right side.

This will allow you to choose the recipients.

instagram tips and tricks - Upload Photos Only For Your Own Viewing Pleasure

Upload Photos Only For Your Own Viewing Pleasure

If you are one of the compulsive photographers who like to click photos and just want to keep them so that you can view them later without sharing with others, then Instagram has the perfect feature for you.

Tapping the bookmark icon that can be found on the right side below the photo will save the photos and you can view them later at leisure by accessing them in your profile tab.


Instagram keeps on introducing new functionalities and features on a regular basis to keep its users engaged and give them better control over their images and videos.

Many of the features described above will help you to maximize the potential of your photos better.

Author bio: Walter Moore is a social media marketing consultant. He writes extensively on common issues faced by small businesses, including how to add more followers for Instagram accounts.

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