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How Chat Bots Will Change the Future of Web Development?

How Chat Bots Affect the Future of Web Development - beta compression

By 2020, 85% of customer relationships with enterprises will be conducted without a human.” – Gartner. Human interactions are no longer necessary for fabricating strong relationship….

5 Effective Strategies to Make Money with Cloud Computing

Make Money with Cloud Computing - beta compression

Whether you are a service provider or an end user, you must read this article because Cloud Computing has really revolutionized the way we see IT (Information Technology).

What is Cloud Computing?

Although Cloud Computing is not a new phenomenon if you don’t know what it then read this paragraph.

Cloud Computing is an internet based service that provides shared processing resources and data to computers.

To put it simply for a layman, instead of having data stored on your computer’s hard drive, data is stored on and accessed from the cloud platform of the service provider.

Apple’s Self-Driving Car Technology: All you need to know

Apple’s Self-Driving Car Technology - beta compression

Apple is one of the first names when we speak about the advancements in electronic gadgets. And very rightly so. We all know how much we love the quality of Apple products, be it smartphones, PCs or other technologies that are stuffed in automobiles (e.g. infotainment system driver).

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Know [Tips and Tricks]

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts Every Windows User Should Know

Every time you opt to use your mouse in place of your keyboard, you could potentially be wasting your time. This is because of the many keyboard shortcuts available that can save a considerable amount of your time. Keyboard combinations are not only faster for you to press, but they also tend to be far more accurate than using your mouse, this especially reigns true when it comes to highlighting text or selecting a spreadsheet cell. 

Top Windows 8 Improved Features You Should Try First

Windows 8 tips

Whether you have just installed Windows 8 or you purchased a computer with it pre-installed, you now have an operating system that you’re probably unfamiliar with, for the most important, and so things can seem rather difficult to do, such as customization and other simple tasks. So what can you do about that? You can’t give up. Fortunately, there are many different ways that you can tweak Windows 8. In this article, I will show you a number of different ways that you can get the most out of this operating system.

8 Digital Marketing Trends That Boost Your Strategy in 2017

digital marketing trends

Digital marketing remains to be an industry that is continuously evolving and is a volatile industry. Businesses can succeed only if they keep up with the latest trends occurring in the industry followed by focusing on an actionable strategy. This article deals with the latest digital marketing trends that will help improve the strategy.

4 data loaders that make movement of data effortless

The best data loader is dependent on your immediate requirements. It is also dependent on the experience that you have with the loader plus the ease of use that you are looking for. Here are some of the data loaders available in the market. This should help out a little bit in helping you decide the best for your task.

WeChat – The Top Professional Messaging App in China

WeChat tops the chart in communication for Chinese Professionals

WeChat is considered to be one of the most prominently used social networking apps. The app was designed for serving the purpose of has conversations with friends and family. As the popularity of the app increased, so did the usage of the app. It is now becoming more popular amongst the professionals in their workspaces.

4 Data Protection Tips to Keep Your Data Secure On-The-Go

4 Data Protection Tips to Keep Your Data Secure On The Go

The effects of identity theft can be devastating on a person’s life and can have a lasting impact on your ability to buy a home, rent a car, or even travel. Unfortunately, we’re all still playing into the fraudster’s hands by failing to protect our personal data, and the rise of laptops, tablets and mobile devices is likely to blame.

Before you fall, a victim of these avoidable crimes, consider the following tips…

Efficiency of Virtual Reality Application – Learn From Experts

Efficiency of Virtual Reality Application - Learn From Experts

The Origin of Term “Virtual Reality” Virtual Reality came into existence merely as an experiment conducted by a computer scientist named Mr. Michael McFreevy in…