10 blogging mistakes newbies make

Judging by its simple premise of just sitting in a lonely enclosure and wandering about the world wide web, it’s easy to say why people often conclude that “Blogging” is an easy surf.

They take blogging as a no-brainer job and jump into it without considering considerable factors.

If you are just starting out on blogging, regardless of whatever information you might have been fed with, or regardless of how sweet the words that lured you into considering blogging might have been,

I beg to say “Blogging Is Never A Walk In The Park”.

But more often than not, you won’t realize how tasking blogging is until you jump right into it.

Going straight to the point, read along: Some Blogging Mistakes Newbies Make.


Getting Overloaded With Ideas


When I started blogging, I used to get tons of ideas on the go, ideas come in the bathroom, toilet and even when in the middle of a serious engagement. I later got to realize the norm, ideas will always come massively as an enthusiastic new blogger.

But just because it’s a great idea, in general, doesn’t make it a suitable one for your blog niche. Always focus more on ideas that will make your blog better, trim downloads of ideas, you should understand which goals you need to achieve and only focus on ideas on how to achieve them.

Writing Blog Content The Wrong Way

Blog writing is very well different from writing a college essay. The way people enjoy reading online is quite different from the way your college supervisor wants your essay to be. The trick behind blog writing is that you write like you are talking.

It’s highly recommended that you make your writing conversational and approachable. These factors make your writing more interesting for your audience. People always want to feel like they are reading something written by a real human of common mentality, not by a bot.

Loosen up your writing, don’t be too serious, don’t get too concentrated, crack some dry jokes, make contradictions and ask rhetorical questions. That’s how real humans communicate, and that’s what real humans would love to read.

Thinking People Care About You

Sounds blunt but it’s just the fact. When people jump into blogging, they expect some sort of red carpet welcome. They believe people would so much love their content and be uncontrollably interested in their blogs. But in reality, people don’t care about who you are until you’ve made a name. Also considering the number of junk blogs that have sprung up in recent time, how is your blog unique?

So, offer more and expect less. Don’t expect loads of comments on your blog in the early days, unless by your family members. This way, your self-esteem as a newbie will not affect your stimulation towards blogging.

Picking Very Wide Topics

A new blogger has nothing to do with topics like:

  • How to make money online
  • How to do Social Media Marketing
  • How to get Business Ideas
  • How to Blog for Money

Like, leave these topics for the top guns. Why would you write about “How To Blog” when you are still struggling with the same subject. No one will pay attention to you as regards this kind of subjects if you are not a known name in the blogging game.

Start off with topics relating to what people around you need the most. Most times, I get topic ideas from Facebook groups relating to my niche. I watch out for questions people ask often, then factorize out a detailed post on this. This way, they won’t visit your blog because they love you, they would do so because they need information you post. And subsequently, with consistency, they start getting to love you.

Engaging In Plagiarism

10 blogging mistakes newbies make- Plagiarism

With this, a new blogger will end that blogging career right before it starts. Plagiarism probably worked in college, you might get away with that as your tutor doesn’t care much.

But in the world of blogging, copying and pasting would never help you reach your desired height. By copying and pasting, your blog content won’t flow relatively, your voice won’t correlate and the tone of your blog content would differ.

This will only paint the obvious picture that you have nothing to offer. On the other hand, you can always sit down and read other people’s post, understand the concept and factorize your content out of that.

Logging Out Once The Writing Is Done

Most new bloggers fly off the screen once they hit the “Publish” button. It’s not meant to be so. Take a moment, edit your post and proofread.

You can as well pretend like a normal blog reader and take a look at what you have composed. Also, share your new content on social media outlets using related hashtags and keywords.

Considering Adsense As The Best Monetization Strategy

Apart from the fact that they want to make millions over the night, they focus so much on Adsense as the major monetization strategy. Most new bloggers spend too much of time experimenting Adsense placement tricks even without traffic.

There is a lot more to blogging apart from Adsense. Newbies should focus more on building a brand, the income will flow organically.

Being Inconsistent

Consistency and blog traffic are directly proportional. Meaning, the more often you update your blog, the more traffic you will get and the more your potential audience will take you seriously.

Meanwhile, there is a difference between volume and consistency. Blogging once a day for a week, keeping it steady, is better than publishing ten today then you are off the screen for the next two weeks. This might confuse your readers, have a specific blogging pattern.

Choosing The Cheapest Hosting Service

10 blogging mistakes newbies make- hosting server

Many new bloggers, mostly due to ignorance or lack of purchasing power, choose to buy hosting plans that are cheap. Most quality web hosting services aren’t cheap, going for a hosting plan of $1 per month doesn’t sound reasonable to anyone, does it?

Take your time and plan the best hosting service for your blog. There is still some cheap and reliable web hosting though, you can try out Namecheap. I would recommend them as their live support is very fast and will save you a lot of frustration.

Not Adding Share Buttons

10 blogging mistakes newbies make- social sharing button

It doesn’t really seem like a big deal right? Maybe, maybe not. Some people who find your content interesting might decide to give you a share. It’s not worth losing such great advantage by just ignoring the share buttons. Often times, especially on blogging platforms like WordPress, it won’t take up to 5 minutes on average internet speed to install a share button. Give it a try.

You might be a newbie in blogging, everyone was once. The ability to adapt as soon as possible by avoiding the mentioned mistakes will play a huge part in pushing you to the top real quick.

Hope it’s helpful. You can check out one of the best blog sites to submit your guest post or find out best blogging websites.

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