Common Mistakes to Avoid While Making Facebook Ads

It is widely accepted that the future of the marketing industry is online marketing and conventional marketing has nowhere near the reach that the internet can provide. And the increase in a number of Pay Per Click marketing firms also shows the importance of online marketing.

15+ Must-Have Free Mobile Apps for Marketers

“Marketing is a race without a finishing line” – That’s an incredible quote by the first ever winner of a receiver of “Leader in Marketing Thoughts” award and author of more than 60 marketing books, Philip Kotler. Marketing is not a really a 9-5 job. You might be working on your desktop computer all day and yielding some really good results for your company or client, but you need to be constantly watchful of what opportunities are being offered your way even when you are not using your computer so that it does not cost you to be late.

WeChat – The Top Professional Messaging App in China

WeChat is considered to be one of the most prominently used social networking apps. The app was designed for serving the purpose of has conversations with friends and family. As the popularity of the app increased, so did the usage of the app. It is now becoming more popular amongst the professionals in their workspaces.

Why you should Link Social Media Interactions to Database

Social media has revolutionized interactions in the 21st century. For the many years that people have embraced it, it has proven itself a reliable and effective mode of communication. It has provided a communication platform for not only friends and relatives to communicate, but also for service providers to link with consumers. Consequently, social media has established itself as an effective marketing platform. Many people who have embraced social media in promoting their business can say that this is easier said than done.

4 Killer Ways Marketer Can Integrate Instagram into Marketing Strategy

Social media is a key component in running the daily activities of your brand. Research has shown that brands with social media profiles have better sales rates than those without, especially for start-up businesses. One such social network is Instagram. You can integrate Instagram into marketing strategy in many ways. Let’s go through some of […]

7 Instagram lessons to Promote & Make People Love Your Brand

The need of being active on Instagram for your business is not hidden now – which has over 700 million users there; it’s a social media platform which offers the amazing marketing network for accessing the strong customer base from different corners of the globe, For enhancing the marketing plan on your Instagram account, you […]

Instagram Tips and Tricks – How to Increase Visibility

Even though Instagram has been around for just seven years, it has transformed itself from a simple smartphone app to a vibrant social network with an active base of more than 700 million. While the recent announcement of Instagram that posts will no longer be displayed chronologically has meant a lot of difference to the […]

7 Best Tools to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing success is an outcome of unremitting efforts, where a single comma (rest) can let you survive, but not period (full stop). Every module of digital marketing is wholesome of repetitive tasks which sometimes look like a tedious process for employees to work on. When it comes to social media marketing, marketers involve in […]

5 Effective Tips To Promote Your Facebook Brand Page

How to best promote your Facebook brand page so that it gets a lot more traffic and Facebook Likes on your page and also promotes your website and brand. Promoting Your Facebook Brand Page Facebook Pages And How To Promote Them 5 Ways Facebook currently at the top of the Social media marketing circle originally […]

6 Most useful Apps For Students You Can’t Miss

Every student needs a couple of apps they can rely on. It might be that time of the year where you have to hit the books or you just need something to help you increase your productivity when carrying out your day to day tasks in school. In today’s world, doing so effectively means using […]