7 Effective eCommerce SEO Strategies To Rank on Google

It’s always heart-pounding to start a business. When laying all the paperwork constituents like a business and economic plan framing, marketing arithmetic, etc. aside there is at least one main ‘headache’ named a website. Creating a website is always intriguing, as you can either give rise to your business or cast a long shadow on. […]

How To Set Up Goals in Google Analytics To Track Conversions

Digital marketing professionals optimize websites and analyze the outcome of their SEO exercise. On account of changing trends in SEO practices and Google Algorithm updates, it becomes mandatory for all to carefully track the performance of their SEO exercises. As a matter of fact, SEO analytics or goal tracking is a process of collecting and […]

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools for eCommerce Websites

Since marketing is such a big part of an e-commerce website, having the right tools for the job is critical for success. Having the correct tools not only helps your work become much simpler, but it also makes you more efficient in doing the job. As such, you get better results and facing the challenges […]

6 Contemporary Strategies Help To Boost Google Rank

There is a crowd everywhere almost, ranking, ranking, and ranking. People and companies talk about ranking, Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and more, but most of them ideally look for Google ranking. It is sometimes called search engine results page or SERP. If you are into digital marketing then you must know about SERP and how […]

Are Backlinks Still Important For SEO After Google Algorithm Updates

Backlinks are playing an important role in SEO since its existence on the internet. Every marketer knows how important they are for a website’s search engines rankings. But, a lot has changed during the past few years. Google has released many algorithm updates which has resulted in altering the rankings of many websites for every […]

B2B and B2C Digital Marketing: Know The Differences

The field of marketing is buzzing with the festivity of digital marketing. Prevalence and proficiency of digital marketing have changed the landscape of marketing. Now consumers are more focused on the marketing campaigns instead of the product being marketed. The term digital marketing was first utilized in the 1990s, but you can trace its roots […]

Post-Mortem of Top 20 failed start-ups – Lesson for Young Entrepreneurs

They are not kidding when they say there is too much careful consideration needed when involved with a start-up company. When you are looking forward to running a start-up business, you are in for a gamble. If you are not smart enough then you will end up with the many failures – failed startups. The […]

How Google Search Console & Analytics Data Helps To Drive More Leads

The online world opens up huge opportunities for everyone. With the right moves, it could attract thousands of customers towards your business. That’s why business owners need to be up to date when it comes to technology. Our friends discuss how you can use the Google Search Console and Analytics Data to drive more leads.

Ultimate List of Magento SEO Extensions For eCommerce Store in 2017

If you run a comprehensive E-commerce website, it’s very difficult for you to utilize all components of the digital marketing strategists manually. On many occasions, you feel the need of digital marketing extensions that could help you to speed up your workflow and perform day-to-day activities easily. So, are looking for some good-quality digital marketing extensions for your Magento site? If yes, then you should wade through this list. It includes a few relevant Magento extensions for digital marketing:

6 SEO Myths You Should Trashed in 2017

In this digital era, SEO has gained a lot of prominence for the businesses across the world. Good SEO tactics can help a site attain excellent ranking across the search engines. But, some companies offering SEO services are just scams. They tend to propagate a lot of myths about SEO and offer scam services. Let us check out the top 6 myths propagated by them.