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5 Affiliate marketing Websites That Become Famous

5 Affiliate marketing Websites That Become Famous –

Is it accurate to say that you are considering generating revenue with the help of affiliate marketing? Is it accurate to say that the elements and the dynamics have stressed you out? Keep your worries aside; this post will make your ideas all the more clear.

I will discuss with you the analysis of 5 affiliate marketing sites that have become famous and are generating millions in revenue.

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With this post, you won’t just draw in the techniques of the affiliate marketing, but you will likewise find out about the ways to implement those techniques on your website and develop your business.

Aside from the strategies, you will likewise find out about the key details of the sites and the subscribers of these sites. Their strategies of monetization and their ideas on gaining traffic are also listed here.


This prominent site was started in 2017 and has earned a considerable measure of notoriety for it’s out of the box idea. This niche website is the ideal case of great quality content and the marketing of that substance. This affiliate marketing website is famous for offering things that are viral and fun and yet have no utilization in our day to day life.

This site is planned by taking into consideration the spilled second choices that individuals make while purchasing an item. When you open the site, you can begin browsing the items displayed on the site. The site has many links that divert you to Amazon site with an affiliate code.

The items displayed on the site range from $0.75 to $200million (the Playboy Mansion). The items listed on the site are extremely intriguing. They have affiliate links for the vast majority of their items if not every one of them. Aside from this, you will likewise discover banners on the site of the Amazon everyday deals.

Traffic Sources

On account of good branding and promoting the management, this niche site is a web sensation. The site likewise got media coverage that gained them backlinks. Aside from SEO, this site utilizes different procedures of marketing.


There are hundreds of ways of making money online, but most of them require a good WordPress hosting. Even if you are creating a blog for yourself, you need a reliable hosting. Even for affiliate marketing, you need a good, fast, and cheap website hosting to host your blog.

So hosting is something this is crucial to your success and this is where will help you.

This site is another hosting review site following the patterns and the customs of making long-haul evergreen content. Clients and potential purchasers can discover guides on hosting particularly individuals who are searching for help on blogs and websites.

The content on the site is relatable and useful and gives complete data on specific subjects and various links as well. It likewise has a ‘How to’ category with different articles to guide the viewers by giving complete data.

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Traffic Sources

The site produces a number of ‘best of’ lists with useful surveys. A considerable measure of traffic of the site is created by the complete information. Believability and trust factor is included on the landing page and the sidebar on the site.


This site was started in the year 2010 and today it is an extraordinary website of product reviews for baby items. What helped them accomplish high positions on some major and imperative keywords on their niche is their utilization of silo structure.

After visiting the site, the clients are welcomed with a newsletter subscription that requests your email and name as well as solicits you to enter the birthdate of your baby/child to get pertinent content from them.

Imperatively, the site has a distinctive content page and purchasing guides page for ladies who are in various phases of motherhood. This makes the site intuitive and pulls in more clients to purchase the items.

Traffic source

The site additionally distributes significant data and a product review relatable to the data. The content on the site is adapted with the assistance of affiliate links and ebooks.


Brian Lam, previous director of an editorial team of Gizmodo began this site in 2011.On this site; he distributes articles and posts about things that are trending. What isolates them from the competition is that they put stock in their complete analysis. They test the products altogether and compose a review about the item. This aids in keeping up the legitimacy of the site. This additionally helps the readers in purchasing the best items.

In October 2016, according to the reports of The New York Times, is said to have gained $30,000,000 in billable.

This site is the ideal case of what a product review post should resemble. Their concentrated research causes them to gain traffic.

Traffic Source

The site “callout” the best picks and after that show the runner-ups keeping in mind the end goal to pass on information to the general population. To suggest the items on their sites, they likewise use in-content affiliate links.

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OGL began in 2010 and is a standout amongst the most trusted and well-known site for outdoor-related items and reviews. They select the best item from the lot and prescribe them to the group of audience with the relatable details. Like ‘’, they likewise test the items.

The vibe of the site is fairly similar to an online business site with different categories. After clicking on an item you can compare them with different products in the category. They have an organized arrangement that compares the costs of various merchants and underneath the table, the links are given to purchase the thing.

Traffic Sources

They simply don’t use one affiliate partner but have links from six retailers. They likewise utilize advertisements to create income.

The websites are affiliate websites with different niches. They follow a site model. Inserting the affiliate link does not guarantee revenue, relevant information does.

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5 Simple Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

5 Simple Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic –

Nowadays, every business owner wants to generate organic traffic to their website to get maximum outcomes and they also generate lead directly or indirectly to reach their targets. In the competitive world, it is really important to get more traffic.

If you are trying to increase your qualified search traffic, you must consider implementing smart techniques and using tools that actually work. Obviously, running a single strategy is not providing you with as big of a traffic base so it is important to multiple techniques.

So here are the five smart ways that can increase Website Traffic

Create A Smart Landing Page

Create A Smart Landing Page -

Whether you choose SEO, AdWords campaign landing page plays important role in both, obviously, it is the main skeleton of any website so it is essential to design a landing page that accomplice all the essential elements including

  1. Headline
  2. Videos
  3. Case study
  4. Sub-headline
  5. Visual image
  6. Testimonial
  7. Call to actions etc

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Put Contents And Other Elements Strategically On Web Pages

After finalizing the entire essential element for your website it is important to put content in right place. This can maximize conversation rate and Boost Website Traffic.

Example of a landing page: just type managed security services in Google after that you will see TrustWave web page. In general, this page doesn’t have many backlinks as well as PageRank but it still ranks ahead of other competitors like Symantec because they have placed all content strategically that highly attracts maximum audiences.

Obviously, content is the king of any website and most important part of the website so you should place content very well at the same time optimize according to the keyword you can also use many elements and place the element in strategic ways that attract maximum attention of your clients.

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Implement Blog On Your Website

Implement Blog On Your Website -

If you interested to take your business to the next level you should take advantage of an effective marketing tool. Don’t waste your time trying to start blogging today without fail.

Implementing blog on your business website will help you,

  1. Increase your website traffic,
  2. Engage potential customers through some good blog posts,
  3. Add more keyword phrases related to your business,
  4. Enhance social media presence, and
  5. improve ranking,
  6. which in turns help you to improve goals and conversions.

Based on the research, MarketingShepra, blogs were voted the No 4th tool for generating sales leads. Overall, it is considered as the best marketing tool to Increase Website Traffic. Currently, most of the experts strongly recommend you to start a blog for your business growth.

Google loves the fresh and updated website. Every time you write a new blog post, you add fresh content to your website and keep it updated, which Google likes.

There are lots of keyword phrases which are related to your business but you are not targeting on your website and losing traffic from those keywords. You can target more keyword phrases for the content which relates to your business in the blog post, which helps you to rank for more keywords and results in more traffic.

It will also help you to establish authority and brand value. If you consistently creating informative content that helpful for your target customer, it’ll help you to build authority. Obviously, people love to shop at authoritative shops and websites.Again, It helps us to improve conversion.

Making a blog on your own website is really easy but you need to keep the certain thing in while creating a blog. First of all, you must follow the below-mentioned points

  1. Use content in a user-friendly and discussion manner
  2. Link blog on the main menu because it can be easily visible to everyone
  3. Make easy to read blogs easily
  4. Try to post content related to your services, products
  5. Try to have cross-links with another article, services pages, blog category to promote your site


Syndicate and Promote your blog on different platforms

Syndicate and Promote your blog on different platforms -

After starting a blog you need to promote a blog so your site can get maximum organic traffic, as well as the target audience, should reach & read it.

However, there are different ways to promote traffic on your business blog such as

  1. Comment on relevant blog
  2. You should participate in industry niche community
  3. Try to go blogging on another blog at the same time you must place link over there
  4. Ask another blog to link your blog
  5. Always reply comment
  6. Prefer Internal Linking

Internal links are an essential factor for establishing architecture of your website at the same time it is really useful for both search engines and visitors. First of all, it will interconnect one page with another; the even user can use it to navigate your website.

When it comes to establishing internal link you must follow the below-mentioned points

Use mix anchor text including keyword, generic word, brand name, topic/headline, brand name with keyword etc

  1. Use long tail keyword
  2. Only link related page on your website
  3. Diversity anchor text strategy
  4. Use homepage and contact us link in the article

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Be a Leader in Your Industry

Be a Leader in Your Industry -

In the digital age, the internet plays an important role and it is the place where you will find everything.

Here you will have a chance to project yourself as a leader in the respective industry or field, these traffic boosting tips help you to promote as well as help you to protect your reputation over the internet.

So, try to follow a simple rule; be enthusiastic, be a leader.

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In most situations, you may need to beyond the above-mentioned techniques in to drive more traffic toward your site.

The above techniques have a good contribution to increasing traffic. So you must utilize these techniques to get more organic traffic on your website, this will ensure your brand visibility.

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Things To Know About Facebook Zero News Feed Update

Things To Know About Facebook Zero News Feed Update – Beta Compression

It is safe to say that you are worried about the effect of Facebook’s current announcement on changes to the news feed? Considering how these news feed changes will influence your marketing?

In this article, you’ll discover what’s in store for the changes and figure out how you can best keep up communication and visibility with gatherings of people on the Facebook news feed.

What Is Facebook Zero News Feed Update

Facebook is rolling out significant improvements to its news feed algorithm with an end goal to prioritize “important” individual to individual communications among loved ones over posts from Facebook pages. These updates will bring about less open posts from pages and fewer videos in the news feed.

Facebook Zero Update Is Important For Marketers

As Facebook prioritizes content that encourages important individuals to-individuals associations and connections, advertisers can expect the natural reach of their Facebook pages to drop.

In particular, users will see more posts from individuals they’re associated with the news feed and less content from pages they take after.

This is a significant change from the past estimations of the news feed, which prioritized the aggregate time spent on Facebook and what number of individuals shared posts straightforwardly.

While Facebook still esteems page content as an imperative piece of their stage’s ecosystem, the news feed will move the concentration from positioning content that is straightforwardly devoured from pages (which will recoil in reach) to content that is shared and discussed among companions (which will develop).

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Facebook zero news feed change quality over amount

Further, existing positioning elements that figure out what gets shown in the news feed will at present influence the aggregate visibility of posts from Facebook pages, and in addition, the sort of content that is published and how individuals respond to it.

As already specified, users will likewise begin seeing less video content in the news feed since it normally starts less discussion, especially open videos. This is a fascinating course rectification from Facebook on video circulation since it initially ended up noticeably bullish on video in 2012.

Zuckerberg has expressed previously, “When done well, video unites us.”

It’s indistinct whether these updates will influence Tasty-style 60-second videos or longer transferred videos, and normal watch time.

What Types of Content Will Get More Distribution in Feed?

Posts that start and move conversations and significant connections among individuals will be prioritized over open content in the news feed after this update (this lines up with Facebook’s current news feed esteems).

Illustrations include:

  • More content from loved ones
  • Posts from loved ones that look for exhortation or suggestions
  • News articles or videos that incite individuals to talk about and collaborate

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Facebook news feed change individuals to individuals

Posts that don’t move significant conversations or associations among individuals will be seen less in the news feed. Engagement-goad strategies that urge individuals to remark on posts aren’t viewed as “significant” connection and pages that utilization them will keep on being downgraded in the news feed.

Here are some different kinds of content that will rank higher in the feed.

Content From Groups

Facebook bunches have a tendency to rouse a ton of important discussion, and groups on Facebook are winding up “progressively dynamic and lively,” as indicated by Mosseri.

Along these lines, you can expect content and discourses presented on Facebook gatherings to get more circulation in the news feed following this update.

Content That Receives Long Comments

In his interview with Wired, Mosseri expressed that Facebook will weigh

“… long comments more than short comments, since we find routinely that on the off chance that you set aside the opportunity to really compose a more mindful point of view on something that corresponds decidedly with a remark that somebody really would react to or Like.”

Content That Generates Comments

Mosseri likewise clarifies that:

“Comments are more profitable than Likes. Importance content that motivates comments, particularly, long comments which really require some serious energy and thought to type out will be a positive positioning sign for the algorithm which will prompt expanded conveyance of the content which started the extensive reaction.”

He gives a case:

“In the event that you try to really set aside the opportunity to react to something that I posted, a photo of perhaps my two children. It’s a torment really to type on a cell phone. Loving is truly simple; that is the general purpose of Liking.”

News Content That Friends Share and Talk About

News content that is shared and discussed among companions will get a type of “tailwind” from the changes in the way the news feed prioritizes content.

Nonetheless, Mosseri likewise takes note of that:

“… news content that is all the more specifically devoured by users – that they don’t really discuss or share – will really get less dissemination accordingly.”

By what method Will Facebook Zero Affect Facebook Ad Costs?

Since the news feed will esteem higher-quality connections over a high number of cooperations, Facebook expects individuals will, at last, invest less energy in the stage. So will this affect the cost of Facebook promotions?

Facebook advertising cost

The short answer is we don’t generally know. At the point when Wired questioned Mosseri about the impact of these updates on publicists, he expressed:

“Advertisement is a separate system. So regarding this positioning change, it doesn’t have any significant bearing.”

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With Facebook’s announcement of news feed changes, pages and brands can hope to have less of their content circulated in the news feed. General achieve, video watch time, and referral activity for all pages will diminish.

As the changes go live, organizations will need to find a way to energize significant associations on the stage.

Publish quality content that will start conversations among users, take part in Facebook gatherings, and put the time in the live video.

Likewise, figure out how to promote on the system and demonstrate to adherents generally accepted methods to guarantee they see your page’s content first.

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How To Optimize Your Web Content For SEO

How To Optimize Your Web Content For SEO [White Hat] – Beta Compression

Since the inception of digital marketing, there is a lot said about the importance of the content, it not only reduces bounce rate of the website but also helps in optimization which is the very important thing to rank higher in the search results. Digital marketers spend days and nights updating the Google algorithms to rank higher, however, content optimization plays an equally important role in helping your website rank higher in the search results.

Here are few important content optimization tips one should go through to get better results as a part of Google optimization strategy.

The giant search engine Google has stated that content as one among top three factors of the ranking. Now, digital marketers are confused about how to optimize content for SEO. Continue to read on further to know the tips and make it easy for you.

Mobile Friendly Content

Digital marketers keep chasing the trends to increase their visitors share so is the emergence of mobile-friendly websites today. Not only websites, the content on the mobile sites should be optimized to increase the readability.

Mobile version websites give less visual space for the reader so, you need to keep the first paragraph of the content attractive to gain the attention of the readers. People also like to go through simple sentences and short paragraphs.

This does mean that you must compromise on your lengthy content that plays a key role in search engine rankings to impress the mobile readers, instead, maintain a logical flow of the content with short paragraphs and attractive first paragraph.

High-Quality Content

Your content marketing as a part of digital marketing optimization should ensure that you embed high-quality content in your marketing strategy to get desired results. The content on the website should be written with the focus on the audience and keywords they use to search your product.

Keep the content engaging, informative and educative as well while you keep it clear and simple. As the content is written, keeping the target audience in mind, before you post it online check if it is shareable. Make the content easily scannable with short paragraphs and bullet points so that it is easily digestible.

To keep the content inspiring to read, use actionable titles and ensure the keyword usage is natural and strategical. While keeping the flow of the content, it is also important to anticipate hopes and fears of the readers as well. Last but most important, you should spy out your competition.

Review the content of the pages that are ranking high for the targeted keywords and ensure the quality of content matches with the same or better than that.

Cite Resources 

Backlinks are the key ones that establish your credibility online. Linking and citation of the resources are important aspects of content optimization.

Give internal links in the content to direct the visitor to the sales page or elaborate the concept that is being explained. Giving some external links to the content give high value and prove as evidence to the statement that you have said in the content.

Make sure you provide external links to the non-commercial websites that are not your competitors.

Though backlinks to your website are an important aspect of content optimization, you should not cramp the content with the links, Google reads both anchor text and content in the link to establish the credibility of your website through backlinks and increase search engine rankings.


Adding images to the content is another important tip for content optimization SEO.  Readers love visuals than plain content.

There is an old saying that “A single picture can speak a thousand words”

In fact, words make more sense when they are effectively visualized. Digital marketer can capitalize this dominant nature of humankind dominant sense.

As a part of optimizing content, you need to include eye-catching visuals with engaging content to keep the readers entertained.

Page Title

Title of the page is an important factor to get clicks through. The title of the page should contain the main keyword to help the search engines list the page in the organic search results.

The rest of the title should have your creativity embedded in the title to convince the reader to click through.


<H1> is the headline of the page content if you are using word press. If not, use it as the descriptive headline so that it matches the page title and SERP snippet of the content.

In summary, these are the few tips that one could follow to optimize content which is considered as top three factors of rankings and increase your website ranking dramatically. Content optimization, when combined with other SEO strategies, is known to fetch higher rankings for your website in the shortest possible time.

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Mobile SEO Strategy That Still Works in 2017

SEO optimization for mobile devices: your best strategy for the rest of 2017

It is a reality that the navigation on the Internet by mobile devices is greater than by fixed means. Currently, buying a smartphone is very easy due to the great competition and variety of prices that exist, which allows most people to acquire one.

This global increase has impacted the way in which users surf the Internet and of course, this is something that Google has paid much attention to. Mobile devices have acquired such importance that the so-called Mobile First came into being, which refers to designing with mobile devices first and then desktop screens, in order to offer a better user experience. This article on Accelerated Mobile Pages talks about the importance that Google has given to the speed of loading pages when they deploy a large amount of content such as animations, graphics, and videos.

While browsing through mobile devices is not something new, it is something that continues to increase and therefore, for those of us who dedicate ourselves to web optimization, it should be part of our SEO strategy. If you had taken steps to improve SEO optimization in mobile devices, this year mobile optimization will be what makes the difference between your competitors.

In this post, we will discuss some tools and suggestions that will help you improve your SEO strategy for mobile devices.

Take a test

Many times we do not know where to start when we find a site that we do not have any information about its development. When this happens, it is necessary to make a test and for this Google offers us Search Console. With this free tool, you will know if the site is adapted for mobile or not.

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Search console

The advantage of this tool is that if the site or page is not optimized for mobile devices it indicates the elements in which it has problems, in order to help the web programmer to correct them so that the page is friendly on the devices. The errors that this tool is able to detect are the following:

Using Flash

Although in its time (a long time ago) Flash was an innovative tool in web pages, now it is harmful to show content for mobile, since most of these devices cannot play content based on Flash. So it is better to use modern web technology for optimal content viewing.

Configuration and amplitude of the graphics window

There are different sizes of screens for mobile devices, tablets, phones, TV, video game consoles and wearable. Because the sizes of the screens are always changing, it is necessary that the website is able to adapt to any of them. Search Console has several tips for web developers that can help improve the visualization of sites on different devices.

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Content adaptation

It is necessary that the content is adapted to the graphics window. Some developers handle absolute values for their pages in order to look good in a specific browser width such as 980 pixels. To be able to solve this, it is necessary to adapt the relative position and width values for the CSS elements.

Font size

The problem of the source is when it is too small to be legible and this obliges in some way that visitors have to “zoom in” the size to read the content. Having very small letters affects without a doubt the user experience and the reputation of your website with visitors. Set the font sizes to fit within the graphics window.

Touch elements too close together

When tactile elements such as buttons and links are very close to each other, they prevent users from touching an item without touching the one next to it. It correctly configures the size of the elements and space between them so that the experience that the visitors have is satisfactory.

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Loading time

According to think with Google, the average time it takes to load a web page is 22 seconds, but in a new analysis, it is mentioned that 53% of visitors who browse from mobile devices leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds in load. With regard to the aforementioned, we can observe that the loading time each day is more important for visitors and for SEO positioning.

An article in Search Engine Journal shows that 70% of the pages that Google finds take 7 seconds to load the visual content, which is a problem since the percentage of the visitor leaving the page increases up to 113%.

Although it is true that the slow loading of pages affects the percentage of rebound and as a consequence SEO positioning, it is worth mentioning that it is not the only thing that is affected, e-commerce sites lose sales due to the bad user experience.

So, what can you do to improve the website loading time? Here are some actions you can take to improve speed and some tools that will help you measure it.

Take a speed test

Before you start you should know how fast or slow the page is, with this, we will have a better idea of the status of the page. A free tool that offers think with Google, lets you know how mobile-friendly and fast your site is. You can also ask for a detailed report of each of the problems that your page has, which will be sent to your mail so that later you can get to work on improving the loading time.

It is worth mentioning in this article other free tools that can rate the speed of your page and also give you some suggestions on the actions you can take to improve the loading time.


This tool is very easy to use, it shows you the qualification and some suggestions that you can carry out to improve the speed.

Page Speed Insights

We cannot forget this tool that gives us the qualification in mobile and desktop of the pages and above all suggestions of what we can do to solve the problems of the loading time.

Undoubtedly these tools are of great help for web developers to solve the problems of the loading time of a site.

Responsive templates

During the development of the post we have addressed solutions on responsive design and improvement of loading time, but if you are not a programmer, designer or do not have a team that can help you solve these problems, there are templates that are designed to be displayed correctly on mobile devices. And although even with these templates could present some elements that may affect the loading time, could be minimal. If you are occupying a CMS like WordPress it will be best to use premium templates that are designed for mobile and that will help you improve the experience of visitors on mobile devices.

Make loading and mobile-friendly design tests with the tools we have seen in this article and then take the relevant actions for the mobile optimization of your website. Remember that most of the traffic that is received comes from mobile devices and that the patience of visitors when opening a page is minimal (only 3 seconds), take advantage of this data and work your site until it is perfectly well optimized.

If you know more tools that help improve mobile optimization do not hesitate to share it in the comments.

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7 Effective eCommerce SEO Strategies To Rank on Google


It’s always heart-pounding to start a business. When laying all the paperwork constituents like a business and economic plan framing, marketing arithmetic, etc. aside there is at least one main ‘headache’ named a website.

Creating a website is always intriguing, as you can either give rise to your business or cast a long shadow on. Delving into all the website architecture details would have no sense without a clear understanding of SEO mechanisms and techniques. Only knowing how it works you will manage to drive traffic to your web pages and get a good ranking position.

What do I need to be ranked high on Google?

Ranking factors differ a lot for each particular e-commerce category. The question has been debated within the SEO industry for years. Thousands of optimization techniques have been tried out to improve website ranking and only some of them have survived to nowadays. So, let’s consider the basic essentials:

#1 Advertisements: set the balance

Sometimes advertisement is used as a secondary marketing tool for e-commerce web pages. However, you shouldn’t underestimate its power in ranking optimization. Thus, according to the latest report in the sphere, only 3% of the top-rated e-commerce pages apply AdSense or Adlinks. In such a manner, you’d better avoid external ads, but not lose sight of organic traffic achieved via the most popular social nets.

#2 Social nets: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…

Although it’s much more difficult for e-commerce websites to run pages in such popular social nets as Facebook, it is still worth doing. You can easily say it’s too tiresome, as you can’t just post your products there, but need to supply the profile with some media materials. Sometimes it requires the hiring of a social media specialist to run the social media campaign to success. However, the social networks allow e-commerce newcomers to learn their potential customers better, define their needs and build a marketing policy correctly from the ground up.

#3 File Size: the larger the better

Today all webmasters know the ranking power of content. However, having loaded your pages with too much information you are risking to make the page load too slow or simply frighten the customers. But still, the practice shows e-commerce website landing pages are much larger than the general tendency across the web. Thus, the average size of top e-commerce landing pages is 30% larger than the average file size on the internet.

#4 Interactivity: motivate customers to act

Yet more menus, buttons and other interactive elements that can call customers to click and zoom. A higher density and an absolute number of interactive elements will allow you for better Google ranking and customers engagement. Thus, in reference to the conversion research, average e-commerce websites have at least one interactive element every 7.12 words. Moreover, web pages supplied with the elements have less probability of leaving it once it’s loaded in customer’s browser.

#5 Bullets per list: will be encouraged

Content marketing has changed a lot since the beginning of e-commerce era. It has undergone many changes and now it seems that the simpler is a text structure the more customers will have a minute to explore it. Thus, bullets, infographics and maximum simplification of content structure run things. So, make your clients satisfied with the timely chopped and seasoned with the latest hot news e-commerce content.

#6 Internal Links: only reasoned and logical

More internal links are peculiar for e-commerce web pages. A high number of internal links is not a problem, though you should be careful about the thing. The matter is that has increased the number of internal links artificially, you shouldn’t wait for a great result in search engine ranking. For getting there you should see to not just quantity, but also quality and structure of the internal links on a domain.

#7 a .com TLD: significant for the US e-commerce activities

When launching an e-commerce website in the US or expanding a local one where you need to take into account the fact that a .com TLD seems to be the only viable option for an online retail business located there.

#8 URLs: words count matters

The URL topic has been an issue among SEO professionals for a long time already. In line with the latest researches, the main showing you need to learn about URLs structure are the following:

  • aim for an average length (37- 45 characters);
  • keywords don’t play a paramount role in URLs structure;
  • subfolders included into a URL are rather a used-to-be story;

However, appropriate keywords won’t hurt your ranking.

Final word

So, the situation is as follows:

  • Give up on AdSense/Adlinks, but don’t forget to see to your brand recognition via external advertisement;
  • Blow the brand abroad using the most popular social networks. Create a unique company’s account and share news with your potential and regular buyers there;
  • Think over a larger landing page size and tools for loading speed-up;
  • Motivate customers to ‘touch’ and ‘feel’ all your product by supplying your web pages with multiple interactive elements;
  • Let customers skim the content, provide your texts with bullets, tables, infographics;
  • Make an informed decision of internal links usage;
  • Use a .com TLD when sharpening your business in the US;
  • Take your URLs structure under control.
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4 eCommerce Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy

4 eCommerce Tips To Keep Your Customers Happy – beta compression

When venturing into e-commerce, you’ll quickly realize what the most important part of it all is – the customers. With that being said, it’s vital you do all you can to keep them coming back and establish the necessary customer relationships to make them want to return.

Have an online store that is stable and reliable

The primary thing to consider in satisfying your customers is ensuring your online store is stable and reliable. From the get-go, you’ll need to be considering the potential growth of your store, and whether the platform you build it upon is ready to support the traffic should you become busy in the future.

Choose a hosting provider with the right amount of server space and support you’ll need for your future goals – if you’re planning on maintaining a rather niche and small business, a shared server will likely give you a reliable platform at a much smaller cost than the alternative.

A dedicated server is what many stores do run on, especially if they wish to expand further in the future. Exponential growth is an obvious goal for many who venture into e-commerce, and so a dedicated server – albeit expensive – is definitely a sensible choice for those who want their store to become bigger and better over time.

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Ensure a good level of customer service

The most important thing of all to ensure when it comes to customer relationships in e-commerce is a good level of customer service. If you’re unreachable or unapproachable, many customers will not be willing to go any further with your business – whether it be through lack of trust or an inability to ask any questions or any other issue that may arise.

Talking to your customers on the phone is undoubtedly the best way to do it. If possible, establish a line where you can take calls and perhaps phone customers back should they have an issue to rectify ­– when you can actually hear each other’s voices, a level of trust is established that is harder to achieve with other modes of communication.

However, if it isn’t possible to maintain a phone line, be sure to have an email address for customers to send their questions and issues to. Promise a response within 24 hours (or another suitable time frame that works for you), and ensure you’re always getting back to them on time. If you’re transparent, quick and helpful with your responses, these customers will be much more willing to do business with you again.

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Keep your layout clean and easy-to-navigate

If you maintain a layout on your site that is clean, attractive and easy to navigate, customers will be more likely to stick around and explore further – whether they’re new customers or those who have visited in the past.Site design is perhaps the most important factor of all, as it’s the first thing customers will experience upon visiting your site.

If they are greeted with a garnish, unpleasant and confusing layout, it’s likely they’ll click elsewhere. You need to ensure you provide a professional and trustworthy layout that won’t raise any questions in regard to your genuineness. Look at competitors and see what does and doesn’t work with their design – sure, you want to stand out from the crowd, but for the right reasons.

Many websites now have opted for a flat, minimalistic design – although, according to The Next Web, this will soon come to an end. Flat design works for many reasons, one of which being that your products stand out when the design isn’t distracting from the main focus. And, with a flat design, your store will be much easier to explore and navigate. Another bonus? Your branding can be applied throughout the site without any clashes or complications.

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Follow through on your promises

It’s important you don’t ever let your customers down in any way. Promising them one thing but not following through with it will almost certainly spur them to look elsewhere in the future, especially if they’re left dissatisfied. Everything from the quality of your products to your customer services requires a promise – even if it’s unspoken – that you’re delivering on the standards these customers come to expect from you.

Offer complete transparency and honesty with your customers to establish that necessary trust, and if you do fail to deliver on a promise, they’ll likely be more understanding. Be sure to offer them more than the norm, too – loyalty schemes and deals for regular customers are a way to ensure they keep on coming back to you.

There’s plenty of ways to keep your customers satisfied, but ensuring they trust you and doing all you can to keep them coming back is paramount in establishing those important relationships. Your business will rely on the customers you attract, so you need to ensure you’re doing all you can to keep them around.

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How Diwali Festive Season Lighten Ups eCommerce Stores – [Infographic]

How Diwali Festive Season Lighten Ups eCommerce Stores – [Infographic]

Diwali is not merely a festival that praises the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. It is also an event no marketer, eCommerce company, or any other business can miss.

Benefits that occur from Diwali’s festive spirit are endless, so backed up with data, marketers should leverage all the opportunities to enhance their business. Before shaping digital marketing strategies throughout the holiday season, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

you should really know who the purchasing audience is and what is the state of digital affairs, surrounding Diwali.

We know that Diwali highly encourages people to celebrate the holiday with a refreshed look, both spiritual and physical. New clothes, home redecoration are an integral part of the holiday.

So here are some interesting insights, coming from browsing through the entire SEMrush suite and Razorpay.

An overall number of transactions is India increases up to 2X during Diwali (+91% growth). It should also be noted that men dominate the expenditure market, while female spenders barely make it up to 30%.

Moreover, it is more beneficial to target an audience of 25-34 years old, which accounts for 55% of sales during Diwali, for a younger audience of 18-24 years old is less prone to fall into the festive spirit and make extra expenditures.

So what are people mostly spending on?

The top spot belongs to eCommerce that accounts for 22% of the total spent, while travel and home items follow slightly behind (18% and 14% respectively). And if you, as a business, eCommerce, want to attract some online paying customers, you have to think your strategy through.

Discounts, offers, and some other incentives are inherent to the holiday, so acquiring some competitive edge, coming from data, is essential.

First of all, Diwali is not merely a local holiday.

SEMrush has found that Diwali is a very popular search query across English-speaking countries, with India, USA, and the UK comprising the top 3 search destinations for Diwali keyword.

Targeting “Diwali” as a keyword, might come up more expensive than you’d expect, it is way above the average CPC (cost-per-click) for India.

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Diwali’s CPC is Rs 23.62. Yet, 174 million Google pages contain “Diwali” as a keyword. And it should come as no surprise that “Diwali lights online” has the highest keyword difficulty, while “Diwali crackers online” have the highest long-tail keyword volume.

Expensive as it is, Diwali opens up immense possibilities. The search volume for “Diwali” is expected to grow twice when comparing volumes of 2016 vs. 2017.

The search volume peaks in October and the lowest month is April; months from August to September show some consistent growth, peaking in October, and eventual decline. This October, Diwali is expected to exceed 2 million searches.

But, note, that the most year-to-year growth occurs in February and March.

In terms of advertisers, not much has changed within a year, 2016’s top advertisers keep their top positions in 2017.

Who are they?, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Safari India, and Flipkart, respectively.


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How To Set Up Goals in Google Analytics To Track Conversions

How To Set Up Goals in Google Analytics To Track Conversions – beta compression

Digital marketing professionals optimize websites and analyze the outcome of their SEO exercise. On account of changing trends in SEO practices and Google Algorithm updates, it becomes mandatory for all to carefully track the performance of their SEO exercises.

As a matter of fact, SEO analytics or goal tracking is a process of collecting and studying the data about your search engine traffic, the performance of your SEO efforts, and potential trends. The main purpose of this activity is to make the necessary improvements in SEO campaigns and gain more visitors, make lead/sales easily and quickly.

There are a number of SEO metrics which are used by digital marketing professionals to meet the goals related to their web-based business activities, such as Keyword Rankings, Inbound Links, Organic Search Traffic, Average Visit Duration, Pages Per Visit, Bounce Rate, Returning Visitors, Conversions, Conversion Rate by Search Query Term/Phrase, Click Through Rate (CTR), downloading of your E-products, Page Load Speed, content consumption, social sharing of your posts, etc.

When you analyze the performance of your site on all these metrics, it will let you know the actual effect of the SEO exercise you are doing. It also helps you to easily understand visitor behavior and demographics.

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So, do you have definite SEO goals? Want to track your SEO exercise? If yes, then you can install Google Analytics on your website and setup goal tracking in Google Analytics. Let’s see how all this is done-

1. Install Google Analytics On Your Website

Google analytics is a tool to track user activities on your website. You can use the gathered data to make smart business and SEO strategy for your online campaigns.

To set up Google Analytics on your website, go to this link and create an account. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use that.

Now Click On The New Account Option:

Provide all the required details and install Google analytics on your website. Google will provide you a tracking code once you complete all formalities.

If you want to add Google analytics to your WordPress site, you can easily do this with the help of a WordPress plugin.

2. Decide Your Tracking Goals

Every individual runs his/her website/blog for the purpose of meeting different objectives. So, based on the nature of the web-based business, you should determine your tracking goals.

For example- If you sell downloadable E-products through your website, your goal may be the total number of downloads in a day, week, month, etc. You should set multi-dimensional goals related to your business.

It will help you to track your site’s performance in all aspects of the business and get the valuable insights.

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3. Log into your Google Analytics

Now, you need to sign into Google Analytics using this link

4. Navigate to the Admin Tab

You need to click on the Admin Tab which is on the upper right side of the page. Now, Click on “Goals” option.

Always keep in mind that you can set 20 goals here. If you want to set more goals, you need to create a new profile.

By clicking on this option, you can create new goals.

Here, you can select a “pre-built” option which remains available in the Gallery, next to the New Goals button. Use available options if they fit the description of the goal you are trying to create.

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Select Appropriate Goal template from here. Read given short description to find out Goal templates which suit your needs. If you are not sure about goal template select custom and Click on Continue

Now, Give appropriate name to your goal and select goal sloat ID

A. Choose A Type:

Depending on the goal you want to set, you need to choose a type.

4 main categories are available: destination, duration, pages per session, and event. Each type needs different types of actions to be completed in order to choose the goal. So, choose the goal type wisely and make sure that the selected type meets your business needs perfectly.

Destination: If you want to track total visit on a particular page then select a destination goal type. For example, if you want to track total users who visit thank you page or contact us page on your website, then this goal type should be used.

Duration: Track how much time users spend on a particluar page. This goal type is used to track total time spent by users on targeted page

Pages per session: This goal type is used to track total pages visited by the user within a single session.

Events: If you want to track particular event performed by the users. This goal type is perfectly suitable. For example, If you want to track total users who have watched video on your website.

B. Provide All The Required Details

Once you have decided the type of goal, you are supposed to provide the specific details such as a certain event, a certain amount of time spent on your page, web-pages that must be visited by people.

C. Add a Value:

Here, you need to assign a monetary value to the conversion you want to achieve. Put the specific amount here. If you don’t have any idea about the amount, just add $1 so that you can easily track the value. If you run an E-commerce website, just leave this spot blank.

D. Funnel

Here, you need to provide the funnel location. This is required for tracking the visitor’s location and making the required changes in SEO exercise to get more visitors from specific locations.

E. Save The Changes You Have Made

As soon as you provide all the necessary information, just save the changes by clicking on “Save” option. By now, you have successfully added the goal to your list. Google Analytics will start tracking the required information.

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Final Words:

By following the above-mentioned goals, you can easily set up goal tracking in Google Analytics. Before setting up goals, just have a look at the main factors of your business and mull about different strategies. It will help you to track different information and choose the best path for the development for your company.

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6 Marketing Practices that Could Double Your eCommerce Sales

6 Marketing Practices that Could Work Miracles for Your eCommerce Sales – beta compression

The eCommerce market is growing at an unprecedented rate. This surge is a double-edged sword because the competition is fierce and customers spoilt for choice. The booming landscape is also changing fast with the rise and fall of trends that shape it.

It is getting harder and harder to build trust and keep up the pace with all the novelties. Yet, that is the only way to boost the sales and revenue. So, to stand out from the saturated market, you need to grasp factors that determine your prospects and commit to constant fine-tuning of core business aspects.

Mobile optimization

After the historic dethronement of the desktop PCs, the mobile search continues to move the boundaries.  However, the problem is that many customers, for various reasons, still refrain from making purchases on mobile devices. Consequently, the conversion rates remain low.

To overcome this hurdle, facilitate seamless integration across multiple channels and devices. Marketers must rise to the occasion, optimize their pages, and forge a swell mobile experience.  The websites must be adjusted to smaller screens and all key features visible without eye strain, frustration, or resorting to PC.

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Subscription-based models

Experts argue that business models that focus subscription are the present and the future of the eCommerce. This principle was pioneered by SaaS businesses and it has proven to be fruitful for both businesses and customers.

To the former, it gives recurring revenues and income predictability and to the latter it provides flexibility. Hence, we expect subscription-based business models to continue driving growth in 2017 and beyond and not just for companies that create software, but eCommerce sector as a whole.

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Smart SEO strategies

The world of SEO is changing swiftly, but one thing is still the same: Making your way to the forefront of SERPs allows you to hugely boost your visibility in the eyes of customers. Of course, knowing which digital marketing tools of the trade to pick is the key to moving up in rankings and attaining more traffic.

All-in-one SEO platforms are always a prudent choice (SEMrush most notably), although you also have more specialized options at your disposal, such as this great SEO audit. So, do your homework, select weapons for your SEO and marketing arsenal carefully, and use them to the maximum potential.

AI for smart marketing

Big data and business intelligence have already rocked the world of eCommerce and they are now old news. But, with the leaps and bounds AI tech is making, our capability to target customers and offer personalized products and services is reaching new heights.

Namely, in this day and age, it is possible to employ hyper-targeting with tools such as re-marketing ads. You could say that it is high time to take a data-backed, analytical approach to track key metrics and make predictions about customers’ needs and wants.

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Integration of chatbots

This brings us to the phenomenon of chatbots. This is no fad or gimmicky buzzword, but a breakthrough marketing strategy, which is already utilized by numerous eCommerce organizations. The ultimate goal is to automate a variety of repetitive tasks over the internet and increase efficiency.

Think of chatbots as human helpers, just without all the overheads attached. They are far from perfect for now, but these cutting-edge software effigies can already comprehend complex concepts and answer queries of users. This mitigates the annoying friction and enhances customer experience.

Visual engagement

Harnessing the power of visual assets has never been more important for online businesses. Namely, creating creative and high-quality product imagery is a great way to spark attention and establish emotional connections with the visitors.

In the process, you will be able to significantly improve conversion rates, social engagement, and ultimately the bottom line. Finally, bear in mind that we will likely see more traction for shoppable personalized videos. They were launched by YouTube back in 2015, and are growing strong ever since.

Hit it big

The huge eCommerce market is a powerful magnet for brands both big and small. The low barriers to entry and millions of customers do not mean the profit is there for the taking. You have to tool up and cut through the noise with smart marketing.

This is the most effective tactic to set yourself apart from the competition and get ahead of it. Falling behind on global megatrends and best practices that make or break success is not an option. Therefore, embrace a planned approach and implement continuous analytics and optimization.

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