5 eLearning Hacks To Curate Effective eLearning Content

Running a startup is not a small risk. Those who’ve tried and succeeded admit that starting a business with little experience and limited resources is tricky and exhausting. Out of compassion for young aspiring entrepreneurs, they recommend adopting big company habits early on such as eLearning. You may question why online learning? We’ll try to […]

How Diwali Festive Season Lighten Ups eCommerce Stores – [Infographic]

Diwali is not merely a festival that praises the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. It is also an event no marketer, eCommerce company, or any other business can miss. Benefits that occur from Diwali’s festive spirit are endless, so backed up with data, marketers should leverage all the […]

6 Marketing Practices that Could Double Your eCommerce Sales

The eCommerce market is growing at an unprecedented rate. This surge is a double-edged sword because the competition is fierce and customers spoilt for choice. The booming landscape is also changing fast with the rise and fall of trends that shape it. It is getting harder and harder to build trust and keep up the […]

6 Strategic Tips To Use Twitter For Your Small Business

Okay, you opened this article because you want to learn new things that’ll help boost or promote your business on twitter and yes that’s exactly what I’ll show you. With over 300 million monthly active users I bet you’ve known the ROI you can reap from marketing your small business on twitter.

Key Metrics To Measure Your Customer Service Effectiveness

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to establish good relations with your customers.

In this regard, the quality of customer service is increasingly an important factor for nurturing positive customer loyalty.

A single interaction has the power that may make or break a relationship, so organizations need to ensure that the customer service must be handled efficiently and the customer is satisfied.

Following are a few ways to monitor the effectiveness of your customer service.

How To Create Cost Benefit Analysis: Benefits and Resources

You know you need to invest in your business so that you can continually grow it, but sometimes it’s hard to know which expenses are essential and which will just end up costing you money. That’s where a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) comes in handy. This financial tool will help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of any financial activity you’re considering.

Using a Cost Benefit Analysis can help you determine if an investment is a good idea, as well as to weigh the costs against the benefits of it.

5 Hidden Costs Associated With Running a Business

If you are a business owner, you must think of all and any expenses which could come up. As you learn through experience and the unanticipated prices will decrease. Technology Cost Technologies are lots of costs that are added to maintain them running when they break, or to buy new gear. Applications and business software […]

8 Deadly Mistakes Should Avoid That Kill Startups

It seems like every year between 70% and 95% of all startups fail. Why? Well, that is a difficult question with numerous answers, with the most popular being: there is just too many startups out there for a higher success rate to be achieved. Also, many of them are based “in digital world” (software companies, […]

Why Your Work Space Matters to Your Productivity

Imagination is a means to cultivate new thoughts, positive thinking, as well as a refreshing new take on the work which you perform. Most companies wish to see considerably more of it in their day-to-day staff and view imagination tremendously. Workers that have an adverse understanding of the work surroundings are therefore not as likely […]

How to Hire Reliable SEO Company: Stay Alert Don’t get Hurt

The SEO world could be pretty misleading and confusing at times. When you start looking for a good firm offering expert SEO services, you get numerous emails and calls from SEO companies that make tall claims and tell you that they could be assisting you in getting to the topmost ranking on the search engine […]